2019 March-September Workshops

The Workshops

I'll be offering workshops on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in March for making your own tombstones. All workshops are from 9 am - 5 pm.  If you wish to schedule a group of people during the weekdays, please let me know. I would be happy to schedule a separate workshop. Material costs are included in the pricing.

1 Create a tombstone from "scratch" - You will cut out the shape of your choice, dremel the channel for the pvc pipe holder (stablizes the tombstone in the yard), glue the 2 pieces of foam together, engrave the letters, attach embellishments, seal & paint the tombstone, and put the finishing touches on it. The size of this tombstone will be approximately 24-32 inches tall, you choose the height. If you wish to bring embellishments, such as skulls, crosses, cutouts, you are welcome to do so. You can also cut embellishments out of extra foam pieces when you are here. You will need to bring your printed name and epitaph to transfer to your tombstone.

The cost is $55 for the workshop. The workshop is limited to 6 people.

This workshop will be offered in March and will be offered monthly through September. It is a two day workshop (the tombstone will dry overnight), with the second day being shorter.

2 Decorate and paint a tombstone that is "ready to go!" Choose your tombstone from a selection of 24-30 inch, pre-assembled* tombstones. You will be engraving the name, dates & epitaphs, adding embellishments and painting the tombstone. We will provide a choice of embellishments, however; you may bring your own. You can take your tombstone with you as soon as it dries!

The cost is $55 for the workshop. The workshop is limited to 10 people and will be offered monthly beginning in May.


Marie Laveau

3 Create an elaborate pedestal tombstone using a statue, monster-mudded flowers, snakes and skulls to embellish your tombstone. The tombstone you will create is Marie Laveau with the epitaph of "Magic from beyond the grave." The finished height of the pedestal tombstone is approximately 36-38 inches tall. The pedestal box is pre-assembled* with only the name and epitaph carved. You will design and attach all embellishments, including the statue.

The cost is $80 for the workshop and materials (which includes the statue, flowers, skulls, snakes, base). The workshop is limited to 5 people and only one workshop offered as I only have 5 statues.

This workshop will be offered in April.

Skeleton Prop

4 Create a skeleton tombstone pedestal. Our 5 foot skeleton is sitting on a tombstone and has a "monster-mudded" drape. Thank you, Witch Creek Cemetery! The construction of this tombstone will be done outside, so wear cool, old clothing. The statue has to dry in the heat and sunlight before we can put the "finishing touches" on it. The pedestal box is pre-assembled* with the skeleton attached.

The cost is $150 for the workshop and for materials (which includes the skeleton). The workshop is limited to 5 people.

This workshop will be offered in June and possibly July.


*Pre-assembled: Since the assembly time is extensive and we have to wait for glue and wood putty to dry, I will assemble these prior to the class. I will show you how they are put together.


The Procedures

No children under 15 years old allowed - no exceptions. Children between 15-18 must come with an adult.

You may bring a friend, however, since space is limited, there is a $10 charge. You will need to check with me first, since there may not be room for your friend.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting paint, glue, etc. on and wear closed-toed shoes.

Bring a sack lunch, as you may get hungry. We will not stop for lunch, but feel free to eat when you need to. (A microwave will be available)

Make sure to bring the name and epitapth that you print prior to coming, in the size and font that you wish to use. I use "Word" for this. This applies only for workshops 1 & 2.

No refunds will be given. If you cannot make a workshop, you can choose another workshop that is available in 2019. There are no "carry-overs" for the following year.


Call me. I'm available! 919-847-4756

To Register

If you are interested in any of these workshops, please let me know. Right now I do not have them scheduled, as I am assessing the interest level. Please let me know which specific workshop you would consider registering for.


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